Much ado about nothing and everything

5 Feb

Everyone is speculating on Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck, if drafted with the #1 pick will not be ready to go “right out of the box.”  The list of successful rookie quarterbacks is short–Roethlisberger, Ryan, Flacco, and if you go way back to the 80s, Marino.  Great players, great records and they all had a great supporting cast to help them.

Unfortunately the 2011 season exposed the glaring weaknesses that were hidden by the brilliance of Peyton Manning, so doing a little speculating I don’t see the Colts potential new quarterback escaping his rookie season uninjured as he learns the ropes on the run.

Why not keep Peyton around to show the new kid how it’s done–he can still throw, his velocity is in question and the short game with the quick release was always how they moved the ball anyway.  Manning has already stated he wants to stay a Colt and retire from football wearing the same uniform so with that “negotiation door” opened, how about chopping that March bonus to a more manageable number and leave the rest to sign the #1 draft pick giving the Colts the best of both worlds.

Peyton has always been a team player, when his current contract was negotiated he took a smaller number than was offered to help keep other key players so I’m thinking he’s trying to do it again.  It’s not like he’ll be underpaid or anything so why take two HUGE chances at the same time:

1. Trade the face of the Colts that already knows the system who might or might not be as good as before–Manning at 80% is still better than most at 100%


2. Mortgage the farm on a highly touted but unproven rookie that still could be a bust and remind everyone how lucky the Colts were to pick Manning over Leaf.

It’s time for the Colts to hedge their bets, renegotiate with Peyton and then sign Luck–or Griffin and let the rookie learn how to play at the NFL level for a year or two, keeping him healthy and learn the game like Aaron Rodgers did watching his future HOF mentor.

The past is prologue, learn from experience and make the right moves.


Bleedin’ blue from Northwest Indiana


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