An Interesting Phenomenon

6 Jan

I have been an Indianapolis Colts fan since coming back to Indiana in 1994 after many years in the US Navy and several years in Texas.  I’ve loved NFL football since the first Super Bowl but something is different this year, something I don’t remember happening before.
People are talking about a 2-14 football team and no one is laughing.

Yes, the Super Bowl is the first thing you hear but right after that everyone talking football is asking: is Peyton going to come back, will he play or coach, who the Colts fired, who they need to fire, who they gonna hire, who they need to hire, who they’re going to draft, who will seek free agency, and how all this is going to affect their team next year.
I live in northwest Indiana, typically “Bear” country and a hard sell to all these die hard Chicago fans but are they talking about the Bears? Sure, they’re wondering if Bill Polian is coming there now that they have a vacancy that needs filling but after that….

I was sitting in the break room at work last night when I hear Bear fans, Steeler fans, Cowboy fans, even Patriots fans and they all are talking about the Colts! I imagine living 3 hours from Indianapolis has something to do with it but these guys are die hard other team supporters I’ve been arguing with for years so this is great!

Even when down, the Colts make the news and worry the rest of the league about next year when they get back on top– they will and everyone knows it.

And they’re nervous……


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